The Man, The Artist

David Sparks comes from a long line of seafaring adventurers who emigrated to this country from the Orkney Islands of Scotland and the maritime county of Lincolnshire, England. Keeping with his North Sea heritage, David spent most of his life sketching and painting the granite-bound islands, lighthouses, and sailing ships that ply the coastal waters of Maine. Born and raised in a small fishing village in Maine, David and his wife, Sarah, now call Florida their winter port. Florida's temperate yet dramatic climate change from the ice-encrusted coast of Maine has provided David with a new winter muse for his artistry. The 6 months each year that he spends on the Gulf Coast have been some of his most productive.

In addition to his masterful watercolors, David also carves a variety of waterfowl, songbirds, whales and dolphins. The same burly hands that pulled lobster traps up from the depths of the Casco Bay finely master the delicate strokes of a carver's knife to reveal the feathers of a Chick-a-dee from a block of Bass wood. These same strong hands, like the depth of his Yankee character, have at one moment carved intricate details in a Golden Eye duck decoy and in the next, helped battle a house fire as a Captain in the volunteer fire department.

A boat builder and cabinet maker in his own right, it is his passion for scale boat models that he has found most satisfying in recent years. His clients are world-wide and many are return customers. Humble and stoic, he is most uncomfortable with praise and prefers to sit and chat with people interested in his work rather establish a price for an individual piece. David knows everyone, to some degree, who has purchased a piece of his artistry.


David Sparks